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 About this site 

Nothing but the beyond technology

This blog is all about technology stuffs. If you are a geek then you should checkout our Blog daily for amazing content. In this site all post about technology facts , programing stuffs , linux stuffs , security related articles and amazing tutorial about Android , windows , Linux.

Who am i 

All about me and myself

Hey, I am mr rahim

I'm a college student and i have intrest in computer science ( IT ) . I know some of the basic programming language . My favourite programing language is python. I'm also interested in cyber security. I love to share the knowledge with everyone who are interested in

The Problem

In the internet some of the people spread fake knowledge. They only do that for there own profit. For this problem the person who actually needs to get the actual information he can't get. 

Purpose of this site

In this site I'll share the legit information related to technology, tools software review , Daily updates a techy should know and amazing tutorials. 

In this site all post all the possible  details and tutorial about technology in simple words so everyone can understand easily all about.

If you have any idea or question then you can contact me in the comment section or through my email officialtechyinfo@gmail.com

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