Best Termux packages

Termux is a Linux emulator to run linux commands in android phone. We can use termux application to do so many things with it that we can do with linux. We definitely need the termux basic packages to do our works. The termux basic packages are needed. 

Termux packages

We need to install some packages to run the scripts and commands which requires to use any package. For example if you use any python script to do something we need to install python first for that then we can run any python script in command line.

Some requirement packages for a stable emulator

If we are using termux then we need to run some command and tools that requires some other packages to do a specific task. And we need to install some packages to run different kinds of programming languages script. The packages required packages are

  • python
  • git
  • wget
  • curl
  • openssh
  • ruby
  • nmap
  • tor
  • metasploit-framework
  • tsu
  • nodejs
  • php

 Termux Required Packages Usage


Python Package is used to run the pentesting scripts that you create or use from any open source project. There are meny intresting open source projects in GitHub that you can use in Termux by installing python in Termux.


Git is used to clone any repository from GitHub in Termux. Even if we can upload our files from our device to own GitHub by the git package.


wget package is used to download any website or domain from the internet to your system. Also wget is used to download large files and small files by command line.


Curl package is used for webcraping by command line. We can use curl command for doing get post request to any server by the command line.  And print the html content in our terminal.


Open ssh Package is used to connect to any ssh server and this is used to do meny things. This is a very important package in termux.


Ruby package is used to run ruby scripts in Termux. If you know ruby then you can make scripts and run then in Termux. The open source project Metasploit is coded in ruby language.


nmap is a very useful port scanner. Yes we can use nmap in Termux and scan networks easily.


Tor package this will make a anonymous. This package is really not like tor but a ported version of it. You can do hacking anonymously by using tor in Termux.


metasploit-framework this is a very powerful pentesting tool for linux that we can use in Termux. Metasploit is used for exploiting, payloads, post scanning, bruteforce everything.


You are using termux but your phone is not rooted the tsu Package will provide you root user permission. For example sudo in Kali Linux.


nodejs is a javascript framework which is used for server side programming. To run webserver in Termux.


php is a server side scripting language which is very fast to code and run. Some opensource projects are coded in php. We can use it in Termux to create web servers.

How to install any package in termux 

apt update && upgrade

pkg install (package_name)

There are alot of Packages I've listed the important Packages only


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