What is Google dork

Google dork is not really a hacking technique. Google dorking is a way of googling that hacker use to find out the information about a organization or a individual which are publicly available. That's called passive information gathering. Google dorks reveals alot of information which are very useful but no body cares about it more. The hackers are successful everytime in passive footprinting  by Google dork.

Learn about Google dorks easily

How to get all the Google dorks

There are alot of Google dork available that anyone can't remember everytime. There is a website available called exploit-db here you can Just type your topic or what you want to dork it will create Google dorks for you that you can use in the search bar. 

How to find all the Google dorks and its usage

What are Google dork queries

The Google dork queries are the specific types of dorks that will give you the accurate result what you want. You just need to enter the queries in Google search to filter your search results by what you want.

What is Google dork queries

Some easy Google dorks queries examples


It will list all the URLs of the specific website which are indexed in Google.


It will list all the links in which the specific keyword is available. 


It will list all the webpages which have the specific keyword in heading or subheading.


It will list all the webpages which have the specific keyword in there webpages anywhere.

Searching Google dorks in Google

Is Google dork illigal

In my opinion Google dork is not illigal but in a limit. If you use these kind of information to harm anyone then it's illigal for you. Learn and use it for only educational purposes and make your work easy.

Google dorks are illigal or legal

Is Google dork dengerous

Yes, Google dorks can be dangerous for you if you are providing any kind of sensitive information that anyone can use to directly or indirectly to harm you then it's dangerous. Try to hide your digital footprints which are sensitive.

How does Google dork works

Google dorks filters the search results by the given keyword which is very useful when we are finding any specific things. Google dorks can show you your digital footprints. In order to use it in a good way organization can find about all there pirated content list available free and block them.

How Google dorks works

How Google dorks is used by hackers

In the first phase of hacking hackers need to get all the possible information about there target or organization. They use Google dorks to find out all information about the targets becouse it's easy and safe. Also it reveals dangerous information about the targets. Hackers uses the information to perform social engineering again them or any other things.

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