Termux cool tricks

Hey guys we know termux is a terminal emulator for android. For the beginners who want to learn linux or termux i know they will be happy after using these cool Termux commands.

1. Termux Command SL

The SL command is used for animating a train in your terminal. And it looks very awesome.

$ apt install sl

$ sl

sl command in Termux. How to print train in termux. How to animation in termux

2. factor command in Termux

factor Command is useful for students. factor command is used to get factor of any number in your terminal.

$ factor 100

>> 100: 2 2 5 5

Mathematical operation in termux application

3. fish package in Termux

The fish Command will change the appearance of your terminal a little. This is also helpfull to use termux in shortcut.

$ apt install fish

$ fish

fish command in Termux

4.figlet command in Termux

figlet package is used to show any text on your terminal screen in style. This will give a awesome look to your terminal.

$ apt install figlet

$ figlet TechyInfo

The figlet command in Termux

5. cmatrix command in Termux

cmatrix command is very amazing to feel yourself as a hacker how you see in the movies. This Command is also useful to show off in front of your friends.

$ apt install cmatrix

$ cmatrix

cmatrix command in Termux

6. fortune command in Termux

fortune is a command that you can use to print a quote in your terminal. Every time you run this command you will get a different quote.

$ apt install fortune

$ fortune

No Screenshot available

7. toilet command in Termux

toilet command is similar to figlet command but this will give a different font to print text.

$ apt install toilet

$ toilet "TechyInfo Army"

Figlet command in Termux

8. w3m package in termux

w3m command is used to visit any website in your termux.

$ apt install w3m 

$ w3m google.com

Open website inside termux

9. ifconfig command in Termux

ifconfig command will show you all of your network interface and connected devices inside termux.

$ ifconfig

inconfig command termux

10. cowsay command in Termux

cowsay command is used to print a text with a cow banner.

$ apt install cowsay

$ cowsay "TechyInfo"

No Screenshot available

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