Best hacking tools for termux

best hacking tools in termux

Here is the list and installation  of top and best hacking tools for termux that every termux user should know. Install the following tools and make your android a portable hacking machine

How to install Termux

Solve termux errors

Termux is available in playstore but tere are some issues in it. So you have to install Termux from F-Droid application. Or you can install it by visiting office termux website.

1 ) Metasploit Framework 

Metasploit Framework in termux

Metasploit Framework is an open source all in one hacking tool that we can use. Metasploit is specially for linux OS and it's not officially for termux but still we can install and use Metasploit in our termux application.

How to install Metasploit Framework in termux 

Type there commands in termux to install Metasploit

$ termux-setup-storage

$ apt update && upgrade

$ pkg install git

$ pkg install wget

$ pkg install openssh

$ pkg install curl

$ wget

$ chmod +x

$ ./

2 ) nmap 

Nmap scanner in termux

nmap is a open source pentesting tool specially used in port scanning. But it's not only a port scanner we can do  alot of things with it. We are using termux so we don't have root access but some of nmap commands needs root access to run. So we can only run some simple commands.

How to install nmap in termux

$ apt update && upgrade

$ pkg install nmap

$ nmap -h

3 ) hydra

Hydra tool in termux

Hydra is a open source tool used in bruteforce attack in any login pannel. It comes it some in-built password list but that should not be enough for us if we want to really crack login pages with hydra. For that we can use cupp tool to generate target based password list.

How to install hydra in termux

$ apt update 

$ apt upgrade

$ pkg install hydra

$ hydra

4 ) sql map 

sql map is an open source python tool used in SQL injection web attack. Yes we can install SQL map in termux application and perform SQL injection attack on any website.

How to install SQL map

$ apt update && upgrade

$ pkg install python

$ git clone --depth 1 sqlmap-dev

Note : This article is only for educational purposes hacking without permission is illigal.

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