Install any linux distro in termux with one click

Install any linux distribution in termux with one click

Termux is a Linux terminal emulator ported for android phone it's supports meny Linux tools and script but not all. So if we want to do anything professionally then we have to install any ported linux distro. There are meny ways to install linux distribution in termux.

Here we are installing proot distro in termux. Which is stable light weight with amazing  performance.I suggest if you want to run linux tools without any error then you can install any proot distro in termux.

Commands to install any linux distro in termux

pkg install proot-distro

$ proot-distro list

Proot distro list and example

here you will get list of available distro in proot. Copy the alias name of the distro what you want to install .

Then type command

proot-distro install ( distro alias name )

Example : 

$ proot-distro install nethunter

Now it will take some time to install nethunter in your termux

After installing process done

You need to login into your distro to use it

For that type command

$ proot-distro login alias name

Example :

$ proot-distro login nethunter

This is how you can install and use linux distro CLI mode. To install full GUI mode follow these steps.

Fist login to your proot machine

Then type command

 $ apt updated

 $ apt upgrade

 $ apt install xfce4

 $ apt install tightvncserver dbus-x11

 export USER=root

 $ vncserver

Then it will ask you for Password fill the password and hit Enter.

Note: The password may not visible to you. Type it carefully and remember.

The vnc server is started in

Download vnc viewer application from play store.

Open it and click on plus icon

Vnv viewer tutorial

Add the name what you want

In adress bar type

Vnc viewer tutorial step by step

Then it will ask for password Enter the same password what you entered in terminal.

After that click on connect then easily acess your linux distro in GUI mode.

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