Install Alpine OS in android using terminal application

Alpine os installation in android using termux

Alpine is a light weight linux distribution. It is based on musl and busybox. The alpine os is designed for pentesting. It has different commands from other linux distribution.

Installation of Alpine OS

Open termux and type these commands

$ apt update && upgrade -y

pkg install git

$ git clone

$ cd alpineInstaller 

$ chmod +x *

$ ./alpineInstallerNow to use Alpine in GUI mod

Install graphical user interface for your Alpine machine. To use it in GUI mode we have to install vnc and configure it.

login in to alpine terminal if you are not then Type commands

$ apk update -y

$ apk upgrade -y

$ apk add vnc

Now vnc was installed in you alpine. It's time to configure it. First of all you have to set a password for vnc. 

Type command in your alpine machine

$ vncpasswd

It will ask you to set a password. Set a password.

NOTE: The password you entered will not be display in screen.

Then Enter command

$ vnc

It will start vnc server in localhost:1

The desktop environment is xfce4. In vnc viewer application you can use all of your GUI tools easily.

Remember to close the connection by pressing CTRL+C in your keyboard after your task is done. Otherwise it will start new connection in new port.

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