How to install bWAPP in android phone

Install bWAPP in android

What is bWAPP

bWAPP is a buggy web application. The new pentesters use it to learn bug Bounty and web application pentesting. bWAPP is coded in php. And its very useful to learn and practice bug Bounty safely. 

Can we use bWAPP in android

The problem is that if you don't have a computer then you can't install and use it. bWAPP is  web based application which a android device also supports. In this tutorial I'll show you step by step how to install bWAPP in android phone and learn the basics of web pentesting.

Installation process

click here to download BWAPP source code zip file

This is our bWAPP website zip file with source code. We are going to setup this and then we will acess it in our Chrome browser.

click here to download ksweb application

We use xamp in computer to host php scripted websites. Just like that we need to host our bWAPP  webpages locally in our android device. So we need a application that can do this for us. 

Now we are ready to setup all these things

Open ksweb application and allow all permissions

Wait until the configuration is done in ksweb application.

After that enable lighttpd apache MySQL php

phpMyAdmin in android by ksweb

Then go to tools section and click on phpMyAdmin

Choose server lighttpd and install it

Install webserver in android

Now after that your default php web server address will be localhost:8080 and your database server will be localhost:8001

now extract your bWAPP zip file. Copy the folder file and paste it on the htdocs folder which was created by ksweb automatically. 

Note: The exact bWAPP folder is in bWAPP. I mean there is another folder in bWAPP folder named bWAPP. Use that folder

After that start your ksweb webserver and database server by clicking on enable button.

Then check the database server is started or not by visiting localhost:8001. The phpMyAdmin default username is root and password is blank so login into it. 

Use phpMyAdmin in android

Go back

Open file manager open htdocs/bWAPP/admin

Edit settings.php line no 20 21 and 22 like this

edit to connect database

Open this localhost:8080/bWAPP/install.php url in your browser 

Now install as shown in the web page. 

After that open localhost:8080/bWAPP

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