How to hack a android phone by using ip address

There are several methods to control several OS. but android is linux based and more secure.

Hack android with ip

Can we really hack a android device by using  ip address.

Is it possible to hack a android without touching

 Yes we can . Know how we can hack a android phone by it's ip address. It's a android phone feature which will help us to do that.

How to get any android phone ip address

How we will Hack android with ip

There is a feature called adb in android devices that we can use to control any android phone from command line easily. We will get full Access of the android phone by that.

What is adb and how to use it

What is ADB

adb full form is  android debug bridge. If you are a android devloper or you have a little knowledge about it. Then you should know adb is used to connect device with computer and then we can run android devloped android app in it. By the adb we can remote control an android easily.

What is ADB hack

ADB is a option in almost all android smartphone which is used to connect and control android from another device. ADB default port is 5555. If your friend have enabled developer option and usb debugging in his android then it's much easier to get his phone control by ADB when he is online.

What are ADB commands

ADB commands are just like shell commands which are used to control the specific device by command line interface. There are almost all commands available to control android phone remotely.

How to hack android with ip

To do that we just need ADB installed in our linux machine or if you don't have then you can also use termux application. 

Hack android using kali Linux or termux using adb

Steps : 

Install adb in your machine 

It's very easy to install adb in any linux machine.

Install adb in termux

Copy and paste commands in your termux

apt update && apt install wget && wget && bash

Install adb and hack android

How do i enabled ADB

Then you just need to do one thing with your target phone. Take your target phone for 2 minute and go to settings then and enable devloper option on your target device. Different different smartphones have different ways to do that so you need to find out that how you can enable devloper option in your target device. The very similar option is to tap 5 to 10 times the build number in your phone to enable adb. You can enable adb in almost every phone by this method.

Devloper option in android

Enable usb debugging 

Also you need to enable usb debugging in your target device. You will find this option inside the developer option. Just go to additional settings click on developer option then enable usb debugging.

Usb debugging in android

Get your target ip address

It's on you how you can get your target ip address. There are several methods to do that.

Now when your target is online. Run adb commands in your terminal.

You can find adb commands on Google to remote your target device.

Get anyone ip address and hack using adb

What we can do by ADB commands

ADB commands are really amazing. There are almost every commands available for doing every specific tasks by command line using android. Here i am listing the useful commands that you can use in adb shell.

Some adb commands

Capture screen shot using adb

adb shell screencap -p /sdcard/captured.png

adb pull /sdcard/captured.png

Record screen using adb

$ adb shell screenrecord/sdcard/captured.mp4

$ adb pull /sdcard/captured.mp4

Install any app using adb

$ adb push path_in_your_phone /sdcard/test.apk

Allow all permission and install using adb 

$ adb install -g test.apk

Note : this tutorial is only for educational purposes.

Errors you will get while using adb

Use adb like a pro

How do i know if ADB  working

Just type adb devices you will se your connected devices. If there is nothing then make sure you have enabled usb debugging in android phone. Go to settings click on additional settings click on developer option then enable usb debugging.

Solve your errors regarding to adb

Why is ADB device not found

This error shows when you haven't enabled usb debugging or it was disabled by anyone. Kindly enable usb debugging and make sure the internet connection is fast then you can definitely  use adb commands without error.

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