How to code python programming in android phone

Learn python using android

Python is a most popular programming language. Python is a easy and object oriented programming language. The code simplicity makes it better that other languages. If you are new to IT field then you should definitely try to learn python.

Why python

Almost every begainer should know about the basic terminology or every programming language. Just like variable arrey function ect. Or if you are already in the IT field also you should have to know about how to code using python. Because python can do the same work with small piece of code which we can't do fastly and easily with another languages. 

Why we love python

Python in android

If you don't have a pc and you want to learn python. Then you can code your python programs in android. I'll suggest to use pydroid 3 application to code python programs in android.

Click here to download pydroid 3

Why python is useful

Another awesome application for python programming

If you don't want to use this application then we have another application. The application is termux. Yes i think you know about it befor. Personally I use this application to code python programs in my android phone. 

Commands to setup python programming IDE in termux 

$ termux-setup-storage

$ apt update -y

$ apt upgrade -y

$ pkg install python

$ pkg install nano

Now just type nano <file name> it will create a file then you can code in it. 

Example : nano

After you done press volume down + S and then press volume down + x

Then run your file in terminal

python <file name>

Example : python

How to become a successful python developer

Let's take a overview that what you can make with python programming using android

IP tracker

Port scanner

Automate tasks

Social media account manager

WhatsApp bot

And almost everything that we can make with pc

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